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California Emergency Foodlink

California Emergency Foodlink (Foodlink) was founded in 1992 with the mission of finding sensible solutions to hunger that effectively address its root causes: poverty and joblessness. To accomplish its mission Foodlink has implemented a mission strategy of: building better communities by Providing Jobs, Preventing Hunger and Training for the Future. This is accomplished through strategy of innovative activities including Food Recovery, Activities for Community Building, Life Skills & Job Training, Day Care, Meal Preparation and Service to the hungry and needy of all ages, Program Assistance to the Greater Community, Advocating for nutrition, hunger, poverty and family issues, and emergency food recovery, storage and distribution to those in need. The Staff of Foodlink are committed to Foodlink’s mission through their dedication, hard work, innovation, perseverance and faith that together we can make a better world.

Hunger & Homelessness
Low-income Communities
Sacramento, CA, 95828


The Regional Center for Volunteerism
HandsOn Sacramento
A Program of Community Link Capital Region

8001 Folsom Blvd., Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95826

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