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Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association

The Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association (SFTPAA) is dedicated to training community members in, and promoting, the theater and performing arts, with an emphasis on the study, development and interpretation of Filipino literary, musical, dance and cultural forms. The SFTPAA envisions a robust Filipino-American presence as artists and arts consumers in Sacramento's mainstream arts community. The Sinag-tala Filipino Theater and Performing Arts Association was formed in 1998 as an autonomous support group by volunteers involved with the Sinag-tala Theatrical Revue, which was a Philippine National Day Association project from 1990 to 2003. When the PNDA discontinued the Revue in 2004, the SFTPAA adopted the project as it own. That same year, the SFTPAA officially acquired 501(c) (3) status. Besides the Revue, the SFTPAA's projects now include a touring ensemble program, a rondalla music program, and presentations by visiting artists and companies (see descriptions of these programs below). The SFTPAA promotes the Filipino culture while offering free or low-cost arts experiences to Filipinos and other Sacramentans otherwise not reached by mainstream arts programs due to economic, cultural and other barriers. The SFTPAA aims to help Filipinos and others gain a more vibrant presence as artists and arts consumers in Sacramento. a) The Sinag-tala Theatrical Revue is an annual December theater production that caps 12 weeks of workshops, rehearsals and production activities offered free to all interested individuals from the age of 4 years on up. Annually, as many as 100 children, teens and adults are featured in staged interpretations of Filipino musical, choreographic and literary works. Participants learn theater, performance and cultural concepts from seasoned and apprentice artists who also help develop production ideas and repertoire material, conduct workshops, direct rehearsals, guide volunteers through artistic and business aspects of the theater production process and also perform alongside the participants. b) The Sinag-tala Theater Ensemble is a year-round touring group of selected Theatrical Revue participants who perform at cultural festivals, concerts, campus events, private functions and other venues within and outside Sacramento. The touring experience furthers the participant's training through the performance of varied repertoires and exposure to varied performance conditions and audiences. c) The Sinag-tala Rondalla Program offers weekly classes in rondalla music, a musical form played on string instruments unique to the Philippines. d) Sinag-tala presentations feature public lectures, demonstrations and performances by visiting master artists and performing companies.

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