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Safetyville USA is a unique safety skills learning center owned and operated by the Safety Center Incorporated, a private not for profit agency, which is a chapter of the National Safety Council. Safetyville is a typical American town built at 1/3 scale. This outdoor three-acre site is complete with paved streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, a gas station, a school, police and fire station. Children learn safety awareness in a realistic environment of miniature buildings. The traffic signals, stop signs and crosswalks help create real and lasting lessons in safety. In addition, the interactive tour includes a “real” and working railroad cross bucks, a 911 simulator, and an interactive DMV computer quiz. Injuries are the leading cause of death among children ages one through eighteen, we believe through education this startling fact can be slowed. Safetyville USA was created to reduce deaths and injuries through safety training. Since Safetyville USA's opening in 1984, over 150,000 children have learned valuable safety lessons. Our belief is trained children become safer adults, workers and parents. Children Learn Pedestrian Safety Playground Safety Bicycle Safety Construction Zone Safety 911 Safety Water Safety Stranger Danger Electrical Safety Fire Prevention & Control Rail Road Safety Highway Safety Seat Belt Safety

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