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Dear Caring Choices Registered Volunteer,

As the Camp Fire has displaced thousands in our community, Caring Choices recognizes the long-term volunteer network required to meet the needs of those affected. Both humans and animals will continue to be displaced for the coming weeks and months until long-term solutions are identified, and our needs for dedicated volunteers will continue. With the help of the Regional Center for Volunteerism, HandsOn Sacramento, we have developed an online scheduling system for only vetted Caring Choices volunteers to help meet the needs of our community.

To register to volunteer, please enter your private invitation code below and sign-up for any slots you are able to fill. You will receive a confirmation email from HandsOn Sacramento indicating you have completed the process. Through this new system, you will be able to independently sign-up and cancel (if needed) your volunteer shifts as well as calculate the hours you have contributed. If you have signed up a shift and want to go back sign up for more, all you need to to is to click the Back Button/Arrow (←) on your browser and it will take you to the previous screen and you can sign up for another shift.

The link we have provided is ONLY for you, a vetted Caring Choices volunteer, so you are able to register for volunteer opportunities. If you are found to be sharing this link with others, we will disable your account and you will no longer be able to volunteer with Caring Choices. Our vetting process ensures that you, the site where you are volunteering, and Caring Choices will not be financially liable if you are injured while volunteering, as Workers Compensation Insurance will be extended to ONLY our vetted volunteers.

Thank you for giving your time and skills to help those displaced by the Camp Fire. We have heard countless reports back from our placement sites of all the selfless and kind volunteers Caring Choices has deployed. We couldn’t be doing this without you!



The Regional Center for Volunteerism
HandsOn Sacramento
A Program of Community Link Capital Region

8001 Folsom Blvd., Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95826

Phone: (916) 447-7063

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